When planning an adventure filled day or weekend with your family, there are plenty of places that you can choose from in Utah. Utah is home to many adrenaline pumping adventures that you can enjoy. From enjoying the National Park to having a camping night, there will not be one second of your trip that you will not find to be enjoyable.

While many people enjoy visiting the famous sights in Utah, there are also others that want to experience something different once all the sightseeing adventures are done. For this purpose, Utah also has a variety of amusement parks and activity centers that can be visited experience a fun-filled, exciting, and thrilling adventure.

Amusement Parks Near Me

There are some amusement parks that you can visit to enjoy a family fun day. Parks such as Boondocks Food and Fun, Cherry Hill, Nickelcade, and Lagoon Amusement Park are famous for giving the visitors the best time of their lives. Many people love to visit amusement and theme parks to enjoy a unique combination of fun and food.

If you are looking for parks in Utah, just Google amusement parks near me and you will the required results. However, make sure that the place you choose caters to all age groups in the family as you would not want any person to feel left out and bored during the family trip.

Amusement Park Games

Depending on your interests, you can participate and enjoy a variety of different activities located in an amusement park. If you are a water lover, there are plenty of fun-filled water activities that you can enjoy. Or if you like to test your nerves, you can always visit a fear-inducing ride available at most of the amusement parks. Other than that, bowling and golf are common activities at amusement parks that are thoroughly enjoyed by both adults and children. You can always hit the tracks and test your driving skills along with your family to have a speedy adventure.

Indoor Amusement Parks

Not all activities at an amusement park will take you outdoors, for people who would like to enjoy an indoor adventure due to the weather or safety concerns there are always indoor amusement parks that you can choose. Such parks are best known for having different fun-filled activities delivered under one roof. These places are also considered to be the best when it comes to holding events such as birthdays or even meetings!

Both adults and kids can enjoy their time in one place along with the opportunity to have some mouth-watering and delicious buffet menus. One place specifically is known for its amusing and exciting environment created by delivering all fun-filled activities under one roof. This place will be our topic of discussion in the next section.

Boondocks – Best Amusement Park in the United States

If you search for the best places to visit in Utah, you will surely find yourself come across Boondocks. According to Trip Advisor, Boondocks is one of the most famous go-to places in Utah. This can primarily be attributed to the fact that Boondocks has a great combination of fun and food catered in one location.

Boondocks has its branches in 4 locations throughout the United States and is enjoyed by a large number of visitors. Boondocks is sure to treat you like royalty and has a special planned for you whatever day of the week you visit them. First, let’s talk about the various fun activities offered at Boondocks.

Indoor Activities

Boondocks offers a wide range of fun activities for the whole family. Whether you are fond of enjoying outdoors or indoors, Boondocks has the right activity for you. The purpose of designing an indoor amusement park is to prevent the weather from ruining a family’s planned fun-packed adventure. If you are a bowling fan, there is a great bowling arena offered by Boondocks, which is created in a way that it gives you the right feel.

Shoe Rental is not something to be worried about as Boondocks has both shoes and socks available for your needs. Moving on, there is also a fun-packed arcade that is loved by every teenage child visiting the location. Moreover, for gamers who wish to test their skills and compete with their fellows, this arcade is the best thing ever! For kids, there is a separate miniature bowling option available under the name of Rollerball, and there is also a Kiddiecove that serves as a respite for many parents trying to have a great time.

Lastly, there is an XD theatre that will send you in another dimension while you sit in your chair. With high-quality 4D simulation, Boondocks will send you on a distinct adventure of your own. But that is not all for the indoor activities, the most famous and popular feature of indoor entertainment at Boondocks is the laser tag arena. This space themed arena offers a fun experience for people of all age groups. Using the latest technology, this laser tag arena is sure to give you a memorable experience with your friends and family.

Outdoor Activities

Boondocks also has many outdoor entertainment options. If you are looking for something sophisticated and classy, you can enjoy a round of Golf with your friends and family at the Miniature Golf Course. 2 golf courses are uniquely themed and are extremely enjoyable for every age group of visitors.

If, however, you would like to try out something that helps you get rid of your daily frustration and exhaustion, you can opt for a battle of hardball or softball in the battling cages. This activity is a hit when it comes to adults who are a fan of sports and want to try out their skills in a safe and exciting place.

Next, there is also an option to test your driving skills along with those of the younger ones in your family by taking a spin on the Go-karts. These Go-karts can be used by both seniors and juniors to enjoy an experience that is special and highly exciting. The whole track has been designed in such a way that it gives the rider an adrenaline-pumping time on the road.

If you want your kids to enjoy a safe place where they can compete with their fellows and can take control of the driving seat, there is a rookie track that has been specifically designed for the younger visitors. Your kids will thoroughly enjoy being in the front and having the control of the kart and will surely ask for more.

The last outdoor activity offered at Boondocks is ideal for those who are in love with water. The water lovers can enjoy the same track-like experience in water as well. Bumping Boats are just like the bumping cars, but this version involves water which makes it even more fun. With the beautiful blue water around you, you can have fun bumping your ride into your friend’s and come out of the boat covered in water. Hence, just like an outdoor amusement park like Lagoon, Boondocks delivers all the exciting and engaging activities outdoors as well.


The fun at Boondocks does not just stop at the activities being offered. There are also mouth-watering food items that you can enjoy after getting exhausted from all the fun outdoors and indoors. So, when your kids come to you complaining of hunger, you can treat them with delicious food items offered on the menu. The menu at Boondocks includes all three courses of the meal, that means if you find yourself to be wanting something light you can always go for the shareable appetizers that are sure to fill not only your tummy but also of a family member’s.

The serving size at Boondocks will surely make everyone in your family happy and satisfied. The main dishes include a range of America’s most loved food items such as Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak, and the savory range of burgers. For all those who intend to keep their calories to a minimum, there is an option to try out the salads available.

Once you are done with the main part of your meal, you can even try the items that cater to everyone with a sweet tooth. The desserts section in the menu is a favorite of many of the visitors. From the giant chocolate chip cookie to the brownie sundae, all items are considered to be simply delicious. But still, if you find yourself to be stuck in a battle with your younger ones about food, there is a kids’ menu that will take all your worries away. Whether your child likes to enjoy Mac and Cheese or Chicken Nuggets, all of the options are available to fill that tiny tummy of theirs.


Whether it is a Monday or a Sunday, Boondocks has special offers all around. A special discount is given to active or ex-military personnel who are looking for some fun time off with their family. Moreover, there are also Family Fun Mondays and $12 Buck Tuesdays aimed at making your week a bit better and lighter by giving you some discount.

The most famous special offer, however, is the one that makes all the study-related concerns of the parents go away. The Game Credits for Grades has been designed to offer special discounts to students that perform well on their report cards. Parents can easily use this offer to motivate their kids to study harder and perform better.


By now, you must have figured out why Boondocks is considered to be extremely famous amongst people of all ages. Boondocks is the ultimate entertainment zone for families, and it is because of this that the services of Boondocks have been extended to make it the perfect hosting place. If you are looking for a unique place to carry out your meetings, believe it or not, Boondocks even has arrangements for that.

Many companies book the meeting room at Boondocks to give their employees and clients a once in a lifetime experience. What is best, is that you do not need to worry about any problems related to the technological aspect as there is a projector, microphone, PC, and WIFI available at the spot.

Not only this, but there are also special offers that can be chosen by companies who want to appreciate their employees by giving them a chance to have a fun-filled day. Company Picnics can be held at Boondocks along with Holiday Parties that will feature an extensive buffet menu which will be surely enjoyed by all your guests.

Boondocks is also considered to be the ideal place for family reunions. Family reunions include various guests of all age groups, which is why it becomes difficult to think of the right place for such an event. Boondocks will keep all your guests busy and tied up all day and will also provide them with mouth-watering food items that they will love.

You can also hold birthday parties at Boondocks for which Boondocks will not only provide you with the ideal venue but will also help you greatly when carrying out the preparations. Boondocks sends the invitation cards to all your guests, and the hosts can easily choose a fully prepared buffet option. Your child will receive an unlimited pass on his/her birthday, which makes him/her feel special.

Bottom Line

Having quality time with your family is the most memorable thing that you can do. But choosing the right place can be a daunting task as all family members have different interests. Boondocks is one place that is sure to be enjoyed by all the family members and gives you a great combination of fun and food to be cherished while you are there. So, next time you are planning your adventure, instead of going for an outdoor amusement park where only your feet will get tired, you can go for Boondocks which gives you all the best activities at one place.