Are you thinking of fun ideas for a teenage birthday party? Before you decide on playing a movie or arranging a gaming console, read this article to find out what your options are for an active and entertaining birthday party. The kind of reliance teenagers have on technology these days has made it difficult for hosts to entertain their teen guests in a fun and entertaining manner. However, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor ideas that you can use when planning a birthday for teens. You can choose from an extensive list of party places for kids that will provide you with both indoor and outdoor ideas to keep your young guests entertained.

Boondocks offers you an opportunity to give your guests a fun-filled exciting adventure. At Boondocks, you have a variety of fun games for teenage birthday parties that you can consider to keep your guests entertained. Boondocks has centers in 4 different locations in Utah and Colorado and offer various birthday party packages for kids.

1) Indoor Putt Putt Golf

Whether you have a majority of girls or boys on your guest list, offering them an opportunity to play golf will work in your favor. Boondocks offers a miniature golf course which is designed to give its users an enjoyable experience. This means you do not have to worry about the weather outside and can take your guests to enjoy golf and become more active at any time of the year. Plus, seeing your teenage guests active after being glued to their gaming consoles for so long would prove to be a sight to sore eyes for the parents.

2) Laser Tag

If you are looking to provide your teenage guests some action, consider laser tag as an option. Boondocks is the perfect place to play laser tag with its incredibly fun arena and high tech laser tag equipment. Offer your young guests an opportunity to experience a fun and engaging adventure while attending the birthday party hosted by you. Even adults can create wonderful memories by taking part in laser tag competitions and enjoying a unique battle to forget the daily stresses.

3) Bowling

Bowling is enjoyed by everyone and is a good idea when it comes to introducing an enjoyable activity for your teen’s birthday party. Boondocks delivers bowling facilities and is also equipped with party rooms that can be used in case you wish to carry out a celebration. Boondocks’ high-quality bowling facilities are designed to give all the visitors a chance to become active and have a unique experience with friends and family.

4) Arcade

Indoor arcade is also offered by Boondocks which can be a great idea in case you want your teen guests to enjoy games that will test their skills. Not only the kids, but the adults can also have fun playing different arcade games and competing against each other. At Boondocks, you can find many games present at all the facilities that will make the time you spend there memorable and fun. In addition to this, the arcade games will prove to be entertaining for a number of age groups, and you would not have to worry about anyone getting bored.

5) Go-Karts

Go Karts available at Boondocks can provide your overly enthusiastic teens an opportunity to test out their racing skills. The popularity of Go Karts remains immense amongst youngsters and should be hence considered to be an essential part of every teen birthday party. By hosting your birthday party at Boondocks, you will be able to give your young guests an exciting adventure of both, indoor and outdoor options. If you are looking to score some points with your teen, let Boondocks turn your birthday event a hit.

6) Bumper Boats

For the water lovers, Boondocks offers you to provide your guests with a bumper boats’ adventure that they can enjoy while attending your birthday event. Boondocks is famous for covering all the items on your teen guests’ adventure checklist. Having bumper boats available at a party is something that most of the teens would dream of but cannot enjoy such facilities when trying other places. Bumper Boats offered by Boondocks are a great hit when throwing a birthday party during summers. The scorching heat during this time leads all the guests to line up in front of the bumper boats’ area.

7) Other Options

In addition to all the activities mentioned above, Boondocks also offers battling cages that are perfect for both, adults and teenage children looking for a sports adventure. This option is available at Kaysville and Draper. These two locations also offer XD Rides that are best for all those looking for a 3D adventure experience that will surely remain with them long after the party’s over. If you are worried about keeping younger kids at the party entertained, you can enjoy facilities like Kiddie Cove and Rookie Track designed for a younger age bracket.

Additional Features

In addition to becoming the best spot for hosting birthday parties, Boondocks also offers numerous other options for all age groups. Boondocks is a one-stop entertainment arena that is perfect for any meet up that you are planning to arrange. If you are looking to spend some family time together on the weekend, boondocks will not disappoint you and will take care of all the entertainment needs of the entire family. The various attractions at Boondocks are suitable for all age groups and offer a unique platform for families that are looking to have a weekend full of adventure.

– Food

If you are interested in knowing the food options that you have, you will be pleased to know that Boondocks offers a list of different favorite food items that are loved by everyone who visits Boondocks. Apart from the regular flavors for pizza, you also have the option to customize your pizza by choosing the flavors and experimenting with different toppings. The pizza offered at Boondocks is sure to please the taste buds of every customer coming in. Other than that, people who are in search of having something light can choose from the different appetizers that include buffalo wings, nachos, and French fries. The appetizers come in an impressive quantity which is why they are referred to as “share-able appetizers” in the menu. Their Philly cheese steak offered is one of the most delicious ones you will ever eat. Boondocks also has a variety of sandwiches and burgers in case you do wish to try something other than the pizza.

To give a sweet ending to your meal, Boondocks also offers a scrumptious variety of appetizers such as the brownie sundae and a giant chocolate chip cookie. At boondocks, all your food options are bigger and better which is why boondocks have become one of the most popular family spots in Utah and Colorado. Regardless of which location you visit, you will find the food quality to be the same and utterly delicious. In case you find yourself fighting with your child over food, you can choose from the kid’s menu that offers everything from mac and cheese to cheese nuggets. All the kid-famous foods can be found in this section so that you do not have to worry about making their favorite food after you reach home exhausted.

 – Attraction Packages

To make your visit simpler and more affordable, Boondocks also offers many different packages that you can choose from to make your visit budget-friendly. There are packages both, for kids as well as for adults covering the opportunity to try all the age-appropriate activities offered. Depending on what activities you are willing to try and the number of people involved, you can choose the fitting package and save some money. The options include Unlimited Fun for Adults, Junior Unlimited Fun, Indoor Unlimited, Pick 2 Fun Pack and Pick 3 Fun Pack. All of these packages are offered at prices below $30.

– Specials

Boondocks keeps offering you different packages that you can choose from to make your event a success while keeping your costs to a minimum. Boondocks has come up with a variety of specials that are offered to the customers so that they can have a great time. Some of the specials include:

  • Military and Seniors Savings: This special offer can be enjoyed by all the active duty personnel who are looking to have a good time in the midst of their busy schedule. To show your eligibility for this offer you need to have an ID; the offer includes $5 off an unlimited pass, $3 off a junior unlimited pass and half off on a game of bowling and shoe rentals. For people who are above 60, Boondocks offers half off on a game of bowling and shoe rentals only.
  • Sizzling Sunday Nights: This offer is valid only on Sundays from 6 pm to closing time and includes bowling that is unlimited, Lazer Tag, XD Theatre, and a game card worth $5 for $11.99 for each person. If you are looking for ideas to make your weekend interesting and enjoyable, there is nothing better than to have a memorable family time at Boondocks.
  • Family Fun Mondays: Boondocks offers you to turn your dull Monday into a happening one! In this offer, boondocks offer one hour of bowling and shoe rental only for $20 for a group of up to six individuals.
  • $12 Buck Tuesday: If you wish to give your week an interesting turn, try visiting Boondocks on Tuesday along with your family and enjoy many enjoyable activities just for $12, you can also ask for an upgrade for outdoor activities offered for $8 for each. Not only that, but this offer also extends to your favorite food, yes you read it right, pizza! By using this offer, you can also enjoy a large one-topping pizza for a price of only $9.99.
  • Game Credits for Grades: If you are a parent looking for ways to motivate your child to study harder, this is a perfect idea. Boondocks offers parents a chance to reward their children if they manage to score A or B grades; the offer includes a $0.75 worth of free gameplay for each A scored and a $0.50 worth of free gameplay for each B scored. However, the report card will have to be presented to avail this offer, and there are needed to be six grades per report maximum.

All of these offers have been designed and offered by Boondocks to give you an experience that you will find hard to forget. By choosing these specials, you can reduce the cost of your trip and can make use of the different offers all throughout the week! All of these offers, however, are to be availed individually and cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

Bottom Line

Planning a birthday party for teenagers can be an exhausting experience if attempted on your own. However, Boondocks is one place that you can choose whenever you wish to host a party for any event. Boondocks does not only give you a place to celebrate birthday parties for your kids but is also a great place for holiday parties and company picnics. You can also find out more about the incredible pizza party packages that offer the young guests a chance to enjoy their favorite food as well as the other entertaining activities. Boondocks also offers gift cards that you can choose if you are running out of ideas for what to give on someone’s birthday. In addition to this, boondocks also have the option of sending your own personalized birthday invitation cards.

In a nutshell, Boondocks offers you a one-stop shop where you can find all your needs met. Boondocks ranks high against its competitors because of its ability to give the customers a unique and memorable experience at the same time relieving them of the pressure brought about when planning and hosting a fantastic event!