Holiday parties — they’re a great place for families and friends to get together and celebrate the good things in life. Over good food, drink, company, and entertainment, you get to spend time with people that you don’t often see and catch up on what’s been happening in everyone’s life. Sometimes catching up can be difficult, though, even if you all get together in one place.

When people in your family and friend group have children, it can be hard to get their attention and keep their kids entertained! Children have a lot of energy, so giving them things to do, keeping them fed, and making sure they’re in a safe environment can be a full-time job.

So how can you keep your kids entertained? Host your party at Boondocks Food & Fun!

Getting Started

It’s difficult to know how to get started with your planning for a holiday party. So, we created this checklist to give you a better idea of what to consider when you’re planning and what to do on the day of the party:
Did you check everything off the list? Yes? Then it’s party time. Here’s how we’ll help you keep the kids entertained:

Keeping Them Busy

If there’s one thing we’re great at doing here at Boondocks Food & Fun, it’s providing an action-packed day for people of all ages! No matter which Boondocks location you visit, you’ll have plenty of options for activities to choose from — not only to keep your kids busy, but to satisfy your inner child too!

What’s more enthralling than an arcade and laser tag arena? Almost nothing. And that’s not all we offer! When you go to any of our locations in Utah and Colorado, you’ll find a range of fun, entertaining activities including:

  • Mini Golf
  • Bumper Boats
  • Road Track Go-Karts
  • Slick Track Go-Karts
  • Rookie Go-Karts
  • Event Center
  • Restaurant

While these activities are offered at all Boondocks locations, we take pride in having parks that offer a unique experience at each location. Like the idea of doing a ropes course? You can participate at our Northglenn, CO location. Want to experience an XD Theater? Our Kaysville, UT location has you covered.

While we do offer exciting, exclusive experiences at each location, we consistently offer two things, no matter the location you visit: fun and food. Speaking of food, how have we not mentioned our amazing restaurant?

No One Goes Hungry

When your kids are getting tired out from laser tag or mini golf, they need to get some food — you probably need some too just to keep up with them! We have food that is loved by the whole family. With specialty pizzas, salads, burgers, and much more, we’re sure to provide food that will fill you up and keep the party going!

Make sure to ask about our Food & Fun Combos! With these deals, you can get food and gameplay money for one affordable price.

Host Your Next Holiday Party at Boondocks!

From family laser tag battles, mini-golf tournaments, go-kart races, and pizza slices, Boondocks will not only keep your kids entertained and keep their bellies happy, but it’ll be a place where your family makes memories that last a lifetime.

When you’re planning your next holiday party, think Boondocks — the place where your family goes for the food and stays for the fun!

Questions about hosting your party with us? Give us a call — we’re happy to answer any questions you have!