Team-building activities are an essential part of any company event venue at a corporate event venue in Denver. They help build stronger relationships among employees, break down communication barriers, and improve collaboration within departments. However, organizing effective team-building exercises can be a challenging task for event planners. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which activities will work best for your organization’s needs.

Boondocks Food & Fun explores some of the most effective methods for team-building at a company event and provides tips on how to incorporate them into your next corporate gathering.


Use Quizzes

Incorporating team-building into learning or training-oriented events is an effective way to encourage social learning and create a more equal knowledge level among attendees. Rather than having attendees take quizzes or surveys, group them up and ask each group to create a quiz on a specific topic related to the event. This will prompt discussions about sessions and learnings from the event, allowing attendees to decide on key takeaways as a group. Scheduling the activity around lunch or snack breaks will provide time for team members to chat with each other and other teams, which can facilitate discussion and reduce competitiveness during the activity. Once completed, quizzes can be uploaded or printed for others to take.

Play Games and Activities With Points

Gamifying your corporate event is an excellent way to promote team-building and encourage attendees to interact with each other. Scavenger hunts, puzzle-solving games, and other similar activities can be easily incorporated into any event venue, such as our corporate event venue in Denver. When creating a scavenger hunt, ensure that you have permission from the venue and clearly define any restricted areas. Tie the items on the list back to your organization or event theme to make it more engaging for employees. A leaderboard can be set up for attendees to track their progress and keep them motivated throughout the game.

Hold Activities During Lunch

To encourage teamwork and collaboration among employees at a corporate event, consider creating mixed groups of employees from different departments. Assigning table or group numbers through an event app or announcing them during the event is an easy way to organize this. During lunchtime, ask each group to complete a simple activity that can be done while eating and talking, such as finding a common thread between all members or deciding on items to bring in a hypothetical survival scenario. These activities will promote conversation and bonding between employees, regardless of their seniority level or department.

Looking For a Corporate Event Venue In Denver?

Whether you’re planning a small departmental meeting or a large-scale conference, these ideas will help you create an engaging and memorable experience for all attendees. If you are looking for a corporate event venue in Denver to hold your company event, contact us today to inquire about booking!