Few everyday pastimes are more iconic than bowling. An American staple for generations, bowling can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and every day new players are introduced to the game. Boondocks Food & Fun brings you all the bowling action you could want, along with great melty pizza that your family, or your office crew, will love.

Pins and pizza are truly perfect for each other, and you can even throw some beers in there if you’ve got a party of adults.


Happy family with pizza and drinks in bowling club

So let’s grab a slice, and talk about the great game of bowling!

Types Of Pins

Of course, the main goal of bowling is to knock down all the pins at the end of the lane. But what even are those pins?

Bowling pins are almost universally made of wood, no matter what type of pin they are. Watching pins get made can be a hypnotic process because modern pins are created through automatic lathes that reshape a piece of food almost as though it were pottery. Once the pin is shaped, it gets coated in plastic and painted, before being finished with a high-gloss finish that also helps protect the pin from damage.

And there are plenty of different types of pins! For example:


These are the traditional bowling pins you’re probably imagining and are the most popular type of bowling pin in the world. They’re perfectly balanced to be easily knocked over – but not that easy, so it’s always a question of whether glancing hits will topple one.


Are shorter and wider than tenpins, designed to be harder to knock over. Bowling games involving duckpins require extra strength and skill if you’re going to get a strike.


On the other hand, candlepins are tall regular cylinders, and much easier to knock over. they’re also easier to arrange since either end can be the bottom.

Improving Your Bowling Game

How can you get better at bowling?

1 – Aim for the pocket

Aiming dead-on for the center of the pins, like they’re billiards, won’t get you a full strike. Aim for the space just between the 1st and 3rd pins, if you want to get them all in one go. Or, aim for 1 & 2 if you’re left-handed.

2 – Hit those angles

Bowling can be a bit like billiards, though, when you need to hit a tricky spare. Aim for the outside edge of one pin, and try to knock it laterally into the other pin. Even the dreaded 7-10 split can be hit with enough practice!

3 – Maintain your posture

The best form for bowling is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and with your throwing arm perpendicular to the floor. This gives you the most stability and control over the ball.

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