It’s the time of the year where you wake up to birds chirping, flowers are blooming, and trees are growing their bright, green leaves once again. You guessed right — it’s Spring! With all of this new life going on, it’s hard not to want to spend time outside in the sun. Who wants to stay indoors when the world is warming up? Luckily for you, Boondocks Food & Fun has tons of outdoor activities to keep you and your family entertained this spring!

Here’s a rundown of our most popular outdoor attractions. Or, as children call it, “golf.” Mini golf is one of the most fun pastimes and is playable by people of all ages. All of our boondocks locations include two beautifully landscaped and excitingly themed 18-hole mini golf courses that include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Bridges
  • Fire
  • Other fun surprises!

Don’t miss out on mini-golfing at some of the best locations in Colorado and Utah!

Bumper Boats

We’ve all been in bumper cars, but what about bumper boats? In these fun, mini-boats, you can splash, spray, bump, and play with your friends or even against strangers. What’s more fun than that? Just be careful not to fall overboard.

Go Karts

Slick track or road track? It’s your choice. Race your friends, family, and strangers on either of these exciting tracks. We have single and double cars as well as tracks that offer exciting hairpin and banked turns. For fun-goers 48 inches and up, we also have a rookie track which is a great option for people who are younger or a bit uneasy behind the wheel.

Ropes Course

Recently opened, our Northglenn, CO location boasts a brand-new ropes course. In this course, you and your friends can vertically traverse a thrilling obstacle course. You can even use our zipline for an exhilarating in-air adventure.

Batting Cages

Ready to practice your swing? When you go to Boondocks in Kaysville or Draper, you can spend some time in the batting cages and prep for the next season of baseball or softball.

Enjoy Spring at Boondocks!

Spring is one of the best times to visit us. No matter if you want to battle in bumper boats or face off in mini golf, you’ll never run short on outdoor fun here at Boondocks!