If you are planning a vacation in Utah or live in Utah and wish to plan a weekend full of fun and entertainment, this article will help you decide which spots to visit. Utah has a variety of mountainous regions that you can visit to enjoy an action filled adventure. From hiking to visiting the safari parks, there are many activities that you can enjoy while in Utah. In addition to the desert fun, you can also visit the Great Salt Lake and enjoy the beautiful view while having a chance to swim in the floating water.

Outdoor fun Activities in Utah

When talking about outdoor fun, while in Utah, you can enjoy white water rafting in Colorado River during your visit to the Canyonlands national park. You also have the opportunity to camp along the riverside which will give you a unique adrenaline-pumping adventure. Apart from a variety of summer activities in Utah, it is also known to have the best ski resorts across the United States. The Powder Mountain is a must-see during your visit to Utah not only because of the skiing adventure that you can have there but also the serene environment that exists there. The Green River in Utah is also a great spot to visit because of the breathtaking views and the opportunity to catch trout.

Salt Lake City Activities

Other than that many people ask, what is there to do in Salt Lake City? Well, there are plenty of things to do with the family in Salt Lake City like visiting the Natural History Museum, the Big Cottonwood Canyon, or the gorgeous Temple Square. However, if you want to keep your trip budget-friendly, you can try the Salt Lake City Scavenger Hunt or look out for any ski packages that you may find. Other than that, you also have the option of having premium experiences at Grand Teton and Yellowstone or visit historic sites such as the Assembly hall, the Council hall, the Benson Grist Mill, or the Beehive house.

In case you are a history lover you can find a variety of museums located in Utah such as Joseph Smith Memorial, Church History Museum, the Wheeler Historic Farm, or the Leonardo Museum. Also for nature lovers, there are gorgeous gardens and parks to visit while you are in Utah. These include Red Butte Garden, the Tracy Aviary, or the Gilgal Gardens. Parks such as Ensign Peak Park, Liberty Park, and Sugarhouse Park are must-see spots. There are also symphony and opera shows that take place and can be enjoyed by the sophisticated art lovers visiting Utah. Capitol Theatre is considered to be the place to be for such visitors.

Fun Things to do in Utah

Once you are done with enjoying outdoors, you can also plan a night out with your family for some indoor options. Not only is Utah loaded with many outdoor adventure options, but there are also numerous fun centers in Utah that you can visit to create long-lasting memories with your family. According to Trip Advisor, one of the top places to visit for indoor entertainment is Boondocks Food & Fun. Boondocks, with its two branches located in Utah, has become a famous name when it comes to entertainment spots across the United States.

Boondocks – The Best Family Fun Center in Utah

Boondocks has opened its branches in two locations in Utah, Kaysville, and Draper. Both of the branches offer a variety of activities that you can enjoy for making your time memorable and joyous. However, do not mistake Boondocks to be only for kids as Boondocks offers entertainment activities for both adults as well as kids. This is why Boondocks is considered a great family fun center in Utah. Whether you want to hold an event or want to spend a memorable weekend together carrying out family activities in Utah, Boondocks is the place to be. There are daily deals that you can make use of to have a fun-filled trip. To help you plan your visit further, we will give you a list of activities, special offers, and food options that are available in both of the locations.

Boondocks – Draper, Utah

Starting from the activities, a 30-foot mini golf course and a 3 level volcano will attract even the most serious golfers. What is best is the ability to enjoy golf with the entire family. Furthermore, you can also enjoy go karts with your family to test your driving skills. For water lovers, you can have a fantastic adventure while trying out the bumper boats along with your family. All of these options are excellent for outdoor fun. If you are looking for indoor activities, you can have a friendly battle of laser tag or some adrenaline pumping arcade adventure. You can also enjoy the 3D Ride that has been designed for both, young and adults to give them a unique virtual experience. Moving on, if you have a birthday coming up, you can arrange the birthday event at Boondocks and can enjoy not only the savory catering offered by them but also the option to delegate the arrangements. Boondocks also give out invitations to your guests and helps you have a memorable celebration time. Not only this, but companies can also hold meetings at Boondocks to give their attendees a once in a lifetime experience. The conference room available at Boondocks has all the required facilities and can be booked by companies. Moreover, there is also a company picnic option available for all those employers who want to reward their employees in the form of a memorable time.

Food Options

After you have experienced all the activities, you will find yourself feeling exhausted and longing for food. Boondocks has a variety of scrumptious food items that you can enjoy, from appetizers to desserts; Boondocks has all three courses covered! The appetizers section in the menu shows share-able servings of onion rings, tacos, and cheese sticks. The main course includes pizzas, sandwiches, and burgers, for people who are looking to have something light they can enjoy a mouth-watering list of salads. To treat your sweet tooth, you can also enjoy their famous brownie sundae or the giant chocolate chip cookie.


There is a military discount offered to members in the form of bowling and unlimited passes. In case you want to give your week an interesting spin, it is recommended to make use of the $12 buck Tuesdays offer, which does not only give you discount on activities but also when you buy a large pizza. Other than that there are also specials for kids when they choose boondocks to host their birthday party and when they want to celebrate their success in studies. All of these aspects of Boondocks makes it a family-friendly place that makes all its guests feel valued and welcomed.

Boondocks – Kaysville

Moving on to KaysvilleTeam BuildingSports Banquets, and Family Reunions are some of the group activity options that you may use to have a great time with family and friends. All these groups have separate rates and special discounts. Apart from that, this place is excellent for any company events or holiday events that you would want to host. Hosting your event here will give you an opportunity to engage all your guests. To take care of their appetite, Boondocks offers scrumptious buffet and catering menus that you can provide to your guests to make their experience memorable and full of fun. When hosting at Boondocks, you do not need to worry about anything and can spend valuable time with your loved ones. Not only will you stop worrying about the food but you will also not need to worry about entertaining the guests as Boondocks keeps every one of your guests distracted.

Fun-filled Activities

The various activities offered at Boondocks include; Bowling for all age groups along with shoe and socks rental options, weekdays and prime time offers can be availed for bowling at Kaysville Boondocks. Moreover, taking a look outside, you can have fun with your kids at the race track by taking part in rookie track or the go-kart adventure. If you wish to have some guy-time with your buddies, you can also have a great time at battling cages. Not only this, but miniature golf is also available for all the golf lovers out there. A wonderful time at the golf course with your friends and family will give you the relaxation that you need. For water lovers again, there are bumper boats that are loved by people of all ages. For indoor fun, there is XD theatre that gives you a dose of virtual reality while sitting in your seats and having a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. Lazer Tag is also a preferred activity for all those who are looking to enjoy a battle with their friends and family. Providing a 4000 square foot area with two levels, Boondocks offers you a laser tag adventure that you would have never experienced before. For people of all ages, boondocks also offer arcade games that are considered to be highly enjoyable and fun-filled.


At Kaysville, there are special saving options for military personnel in the form of a discount on activities like bowling and a $5 off option on an unlimited pass. Moreover, there are also Sizzling Sunday nights and Family Fun Mondays that have been designed to give families not only a chance to enjoy the weekend but also to make their weekdays equally exciting. To help parents motivate their kids, there are also offers that are tied to the grades of a particular student. Hence, if you get a good grade, you become eligible for a certain discount at Boondocks. Parents extremely appreciate such specials.

Food Options

The food options again include a variety of three-course meals that the guests can enjoy after having an exhausting fun-filled time. From Philly Cheese Steak to Turkey bacon we bring the finest dishes eaten across the United States in a scrumptious form. After having the food at Boondocks, you will find it difficult to stay away from the one-stop spot entertainment center. For your special events, you have the option to choose a buffet menu that will be surely loved by your guests. Moreover, in case your kids are picky eaters, you also have kids meals to choose from.


Whether it is outdoor fun that you are seeking or an indoor adventure, there are numerous options for you to choose from in Utah. If you live in Utah, you can make places like Boondocks your weekend spot but in case you are planning a trip, make sure you have plenty of days available. From skiing adventures to adventure in the woods, there are a variety of options that are accessible to you. Utah is the best place to be if you are planning a memorable trip along with your family and friends. Do not forget to pay a visit to Boondocks once you are in Utah to have a unique experience filled with fun and entertainment for the entire family.