While many people prefer a warm and sunny day to enjoy a day out with the entire family, you should not let a rainy day ruin your plans for a fun-filled day. There are a lot of indoor as well as outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your family. This gives your kids a chance to experience something unique and the opportunity to learn how to make the best out of a situation. So, next time you get disappointed after seeing little droplets of rain, make sure you try some of the ideas mentioned in this article to have a memorable adventure.

Places to Go on a Rainy Day

If you are in Colorado, you can visit the Denver Zoo or Denver Museum while looking for fun things to do on a rainy day or if you are in Utah you can visit the Antelope Island State Park or the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. If you want some ideas, you can use Google to look for nearby places by putting in the search bar the following words: fun things to do with me or recreational places near me.

While going to the museum and park sounds like exciting things to do, you might find yourself to be more tired than usual when it is raining outside. Hence, choosing a place where you can find a combination of activities for adults and kids is your best bet. You can find many recreational places that can be visited for this purpose and will be surely enjoyed by the whole family.

Fun Things to Do with Kids

Depending on whether you would like to enjoy outdoor activities or indoor, you can choose many places for your family fun day. Other than that, there are also simple activities that you can get pleasure from during a rainy day at home. Some ideas of such activities are:

  • Make paper boats or airplanes and let them float
  • Act as a Rescue Guard for Worms
  • Make Some Mud Pies
  • Sign and Dance Along in the Rain
  • Play with Toys in the Puddles
  • Jump in the Puddles
  • Take a Walk Outside
  • Play Hide and Seek
  • Feel the ground with Bare Feet

However, it is important to make sure that there are no chances of lighting or strong winds that might cause danger to the kids. Moreover, make sure that all your family members are dressed for the occasion as there are increased chances of falling sick when playing outside in the rain in winters.

Indoor Activities

There are also some fun indoor games that you can enjoy a rainy day. Such games will give you a chance to have quality time with your family and will bring you all closer to each other. Most of the people prefer spending time indoors when it is raining, and it is also considered to be a safe option in case there is a chance of lighting or strong winds. Some examples of fun indoor games are:

  • Have an Indoor Picnic
  • Arrange a Scavenger Hunt Indoors
  • Playing board games with the entire family
  • Making your music
  • Creating a Kingdom out of Cardboard
  • Watch a family movie at home
  • Experience the Art of baking with the kids

Fun Centers

There are also a variety of fun centers that you can visit to spend a day with the entire family enjoying a combination of outdoor as well as indoor activities. There are plenty of indoor kid activities as well as indoor activities for adults in such fun centers.

However, you need to make sure that the center you choose offers attractions for all age groups. This is because many of the fun centers cater to kids and have indoor kid activities only. This will make the adults of the family feel bored and regretful for coming along. Hence, it is important to look for a place that uses a combination of different activities.

Choosing a Family Fun Center

If you are living in Colorado or Utah, we have just the place that will give you a memorable experience and will not let any family member get bored. Boondocks is considered to be one of the best places to go on a rainy day and is a one-stop spot for the whole family. Activities like bowling and other fun indoor games are widely enjoyed by the visitors and thus serve to be main attractions at Boondocks.

Furthermore, for people looking to have a mini water adventure, they can enjoy bumper boats or Go-Karts. But, if you also want to make sure that your kids have the same amount of fun, you can let them enjoy on the Rookie Track or can let them tag along on a Bumper Boat adventure. The fun does not stop here; the miniature golf experience delivered by Boondocks is one of the best mini-adventures you can choose for a rainy day.

Moving on to the people, who would like to stay away from the rain and enjoy a fulfilling adventure in-doors Boondocks offers a variety of fun-filled activities that can be enjoyed both adults and kids. Lazer Tag arena arranged by Boondocks is one of the most stimulating platforms offered by different fun centers. Also, the high-quality bowling adventure, as already mentioned, is one of the favorites of every single visitor.

If that is not enough, there is also a fully interactive, exceptional arcade organized by Boondocks that gives the adults as well as the kids to enjoy a healthy competition of different incredible, skill-testing games. Moreover, with the rain pouring outside, maybe it is a great idea to take a ride to the house of horror by choosing the XD Dark Ride available at Boondocks. While you do this, you can leave the kids to enjoy at the Kiddie cove specifically designed for kids who wish to enjoy a climbing and sliding adventure of their own.

Enjoying the Food

After enjoying a complete adventure of fun-filled activities, you will find your entire family to be craving for equally exciting food items. But before you ask everyone to head to the car and go home or visit a pizza place, try out the delicious food items available at Boondocks. Boondocks offers three-course meals and many items under each course. Depending on how hungry you are you can choose from the following options:


All of the savory appetizer items come in shareable serving sizes that can be enjoyed by more than one individual. Chicken Tenders, Street Tacos, French Fries, or Onion Rings all of your favorite items can be found on the menu. All of these items are known for their delicious taste and fulfilling size.

Main Course

Philly Cheese Steak, Pizzas, and Steaks, all of these items are available under the main course options. All of the items are prepared with the utmost care and attention which shows when you take the first bite of your meal. The savory varieties that you can find on Boondocks’ menu and the combination of different dishes, make the visitors fall in love with this family fun center.

In case your kids do not like anything on the menu, they can get their tummies filled with all the options offered in the kid’s menu. In the kids’ meals items, all the child-friendly items have been introduced such as grilled cheese sandwich, Mac and Cheese, and even Hot Dog.


To treat your taste buds, you can enjoy the different mouth-watering dessert items on the menu as well. Whether it’s the brownie sundae or the giant chocolate chip cookie, you will end up deliciously satisfying your sweet tooth.

Birthday Specials

In case you are looking for recreational places to hold a birthday party for your child, Boondocks is the safest place you can choose. This is because the combination of different indoor as well as outdoor options will save you from having to go through the trouble of entertaining your guests indoors in case you had chosen an outdoor place earlier. Boondocks will not only offer you a place filled with activities but will also give your guests a top-quality buffet that they can enjoy and remember for a long time. You can also use Boondocks’ assistance in designing and sending birthday invitations to the guests.

Other Occasions

Boondocks is not only restricted to being the best place for holding birthday parties or spending a memorable weekend but is also chosen by companies when looking for a unique place to hold their meetings or picnics. Boondocks offers special attraction packages to companies that choose to hold their events. These packages include a one day pass or a 3-hour pass to give all the employees an option to enjoy all the activities with their colleagues. You can also choose from a Deluxe or a Premium Style Buffet that can serve your guests without requiring you to worry about the catering.

Boondocks is also considered a great place for holding holiday parties or family get-togethers as it presents various ways in which everyone can come closer and form stronger bonds. Military personnel is also offered special discount packages that they can enjoy. Other than that, to motivate the kids to perform better at school, Boondocks offers a special game credits option that parents can use to push their kids to get better grades.

Why Boondocks should be your Number 1 Go-To Place on a Rainy Day

There are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy even by being at home while it is raining outside. However, when you have already planned a weekend out with your family and find your kids anxiously waiting for it, it will be disappointing for the whole family to stay at home. Let Boondocks save you from this disappointment, by enjoying the different activities at Boondocks, your entire family will not be affected by the rain at all and will have a memorable time together. This is why we suggest making Boondocks your number-one place to visit on a rainy day.


After reading this article, you will surely find it difficult to wait for the next rainy day when you can plan a fun-filled adventure. There are plenty of places to go on a rainy day to have a memorable time and enjoy different activities. If you wish to plan your Boondocks adventure, make sure you visit their website and see which one of the four locations suits you best. You can also enjoy a virtual tour of the website or can get more information about the different packages offered by them. You can also buy online Fun cards that you can use later.